HCP Industries, Inc.
Classic Distinction
for your Bathroom
Classic Distinction for your Bathroom

HCP Industries offers a complete line of porcelain bathroom accessories in a variety of colors, styles and mounting options:
. Large Recessed Shelves come in popular sizes and convenient configurations including shelf and soap combinations.
. Small Recessed units include recessed Soap Dish, Hotel Mini Soap Dish and Tissue Holder.
. Soap Dishes come in several styles including Soap Dish combined with Washcloth Holder and Corner Shelf models, all with standard back mountings.
. Shell Soap Dishes provide additional styles and sizes and have standard back mountings.
. Other Accessories include Towel Bar, Toothbrush/ Tumbler Holder and Tissue Holder, with standard back mountings.

HCP products are made of durable, high quality porcelain. Our strict grading policy ensures products are free of manufacturing or material defects.

It's time to raise your standards and step up to the New Classics in Porcelain Bathroom Accessories.

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